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Dream Of Home Ownership
Dave Oliver, as a mortgage broker, can assist you in the process of securing a mortgage to purchase your dream home. Here's how he might be able to help:Mortgage Options: Dave can analyze your...
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Dave Oliver Mortgage Broker In Person or Online
Meeting a mortgage broker like Dave Oliver in person or working with him online both have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice between the two largely depends on personal preferences, the...
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Should I port my Mortgage if I have a low rate?
Porting a mortgage, also known as mortgage transfer or mortgage portability, refers to the process of transferring an existing mortgage from one property to another when the homeowner sells their...
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Best time to buy first home
The best time to purchase a first home with the help of a mortgage broker like Dave Oliver in Saskatoon and the surrounding area can depend on various factors, including personal circumstances,...
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